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Jade Bird

Main Stage, 27 Aug

Jade Bird

“The common thread in all my music, my lyrics, my shows and my artwork is me,” begins Jade Bird. "I don't feel like anybody can shift my character.”

Nor should they want to. Jade channels that character — and her creativity — into music that Rolling Stone have described as “a young Londoner’s spin on modern Americana” and which Jade herself calls “kind of country, kind of blues, kind of pop and kind of none of that”. Either way, Jade’s music is passionate, full-bodied commentary that finds this 20-year-old, “funny-on-a-good-day” songwriter singing about the vows we make to ourselves and each other: what it takes to make them, what is required to keep them and what it means to break them.

To breathe further life into her work Jade’s chosen to record her debut album in Woodstock with celebrated producer Simone Felice, whose CV covers folk, alternative, roots and Americana and includes work with Bat For Lashes and The Lumineers. “I always wanted to record with a character,” Jade adds, “and Simone was my first choice. I knew I’d made the right decision during my first phone call with him, when he broke off and started talking about going for walks in the woods.”