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Jake Morrell

Little Red Rooster Stage, 03 Jun

Jake Morrell

JAKE MORRELL has just been voted ‘Best UK Male Artist’ by the UK Country Spotlight Awards. Hearing Jake’s new single, ‘THIS HOUSE’, provides a timely indication of why. It is a beautifully written, produced and sung tribute to growing up in his own family home, but also an appreciation of the sanctuary that one’s home can be – and possibly has been for many over the past year in lockdown.


As Jake reflects: ‘I had just got the news that my parents after nearly 30 years were selling our family home and moving on to a new adventure. So I immediately called up my friend and co-writer Sue McMillan and said, I’ve just got this news and I need to write a song about it’. So we did.


Bring it forward to 2021, we’ve all been almost ‘trapped’ in our houses for quite some times due to the ongoing pandemic. But we should be thankful if we have such places where we are safe and comfortable during these unpredictable times. I hope this song reminds you of good memories and plenty of nostalgia!’.