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Kimberley Rew & Lee Cave-Berry

Little Red Rooster Stage, 29 Aug

Kimberley Rew & Lee Cave-Berry

Rew is an unsung hero of British songwriting and a scintillating guitar player to boot. Forty-plus years ago he riffed and solo-ed mesmerically alongside Robyn Hitchcock in the legendary Cambridge band The Soft Boys – a strong influence on REM amongst many others. He co-founded Katrina & The Waves for whom he wrote Walking On Sunshine, and has had songs covered by Dolly Parton, The Bangles 'Going Down To Liverpool', Celine Dion et al. For the past two decades he and his musical and life partner – bassist and singer, Lee Cave-Berry – have released a treasure trove of albums drawing on Americana, Anglicana and classic pop. The latest, Purple Kittens, is out now.