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Main Stage, 28 Aug


The Cueva Espíritu Santo in the Morazan district of El Salvador is famed for its ancient petroglyphs, but among the prehistoric cave paintings two figures stand out.
They are unlike anything else.
They look of the future.
They look OffWorld.

Do these figures, etched into the rock, depict visitors from another place and dimension? Did they plant the seeds of a civilization?

Perhaps they fell in love with the primitive but infectious rhythms they heard and decided to stick around? In return imparting a wisdom and knowledge beyond anything seen before on Earth?

Perhaps they hung out in New Orleans when Jazz floated out of the music halls and up the Mississippi?

Were they there when those first proto-funk sounds followed?
The gravitational pull of the downbeat?
Are they here still?
Meeting up in dive bars to play Extra-Terrestrial Blues?

OffWorld are currently based in London. A 5-piece who make music that touches on Jazz, Soul, Funk and Blues. They are releasing their debut album Burnt Out Star and have already played a series of low-key, yet sold out gigs, whilst their early tracks have already built a strong following online and they’ve been acclaimed in Q Magazine.