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Paul-Ronney Angel

Little Red Rooster Stage, 28 Aug

Paul-Ronney Angel

Paul-Ronney Angel, the voice and songwriter from London's The Urban Voodoo Machine release his debut solo single 'One Ghost Town. 

Angel: I hadn't actually planned to release a solo single as when I write I do it for the UVM, but this came about as a necessity - there was no chance to get a 9-piece band together to record during Covid-19 lockdown. 

The song is very much a document of these strange times as well as a put down of the Tory government - 'the government fails yet again, they're a joke you can trust'

Recorded during lockdown with Alex McGowan at Space Eko Studio and filmed on the empty streets of London as well as Angel riding a horse with his guitar slung on his back somewhere on the outskirts of town!

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