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Live Music Lineup 2021


  • 2022 Lineup Coming Soon! 2021 Lineup below

    2022 Lineup Coming Soon! 2021 Lineup below

    2022 Lineup Coming soon!

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  • Richard Hawley

    Richard Hawley

    We’re delighted to welcome Richard Hawley to headline Red Rooster 2021. 2019 had been a landmark year for Richard with his ninth studio album, Further , slamming into the UK album charts at No.3 in the same year he celebrates his twentieth anniversary as a solo artist, something that he views with his customary sense of bluff realism. “I suppose twenty years is quite a long time in...

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  • Jade Bird

    Jade Bird

    “The common thread in all my music, my lyrics, my shows and my artwork is me,” begins Jade Bird. "I don't feel like anybody can shift my character.” Nor should they want to. Jade...

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  • Ida Mae

    Ida Mae

    We’re delighted to welcome back local legends, Ida Mae to Red Rooster after a 2 year relocation to Nashville from Norwich! For nearly two straight years following the release of their critically...

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  • Ian Siegal

    Ian Siegal

    The UK’s leading contemporary blues artist and multiple award-winner. Ian Siegal is often called the UK’s favourite contemporary bluesman and renegade Americana'man. Classic Rock tags...

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  • Tommy McLain + CC Adcock

    Tommy McLain + CC Adcock

    Tommy McLain is considered a founding father of the Gulf Coast “swamp pop" Genre - a bonafide "Swamp-Poppa".    Known for his...

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  • CMAT


    Dublin's CMAT, aka Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson, has a charismatic sound that plays like a dive bar rhapsody, though wry smiles, gritted teeth, and...

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  • Sister Cookie

    Sister Cookie

    From London via Lagos, charismatic chanteuse SISTER COOKIE takes you on an eclectic excursion into the roots & fruits of black music. Old sounds,...

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  • Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

    Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

    Described as “a gift to those of us who still believe in magic,” London sisters & brother Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Durham an...

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  • Little Barrie

    Little Barrie

    Little Barrie – A classic British power trio in the lineage of Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience “with Can and The Meters in my...

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  • Holly Macve

    Holly Macve

    “My vision was big,” says Brighton-based singer Holly Macve of the road to her second album. “I knew I wanted to do something more...

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  • Lady Blackbird

    Lady Blackbird

    2020 sees the release of Blackbird, the debut single from hotly tipped US vocalist Lady Blackbird. A stirring interpretation of Nina Simone’s...

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  • Emily Barker

    Emily Barker

    Emily Barker is an award-winning singer-songwriter, best known as the writer and performer of the theme to the BBC's hugely successful crime drama...

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  • Iraina Mancini

    Iraina Mancini

    Inspired by the music Iraina Mancini collects and DJ’s, a new solo music project has started to form. Collaborating and writing...

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  • The Hanging Stars

    The Hanging Stars

    Channelling the sounds of The Byrds, Big Star and The Flying Burrito Brothers, as well as hints of Mojave 3 and The Allah Las, The Hanging...

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  • Heartworn Highways

    Heartworn Highways

    Heartworn Highways: A Live Tribute is a unique and intimate gathering of London’s finest underground Americana’ songwriters and...

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  • The Urban Voodoo Machine

    The Urban Voodoo Machine

    Paul-Ronney Angel and his family of superbly talented musical miscreants have spent the last 17 years bringing their bible black and blood red...

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  • His Lordship

    His Lordship

    His lordship find themselves thrust into the musical cacophony of 2021 by way of 1958 with many stops in between.  Modern...

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  • Izo FitzRoy

    Izo FitzRoy

    Uplifting harmonies delivered via Izo’s powerful lead vocal and jazz tinged keys work, set her apart from contemporaries and have won her play...

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  • José McGill & The Vagaband

    José McGill & The Vagaband

    With a rotating line up of multi-instrumentalists and José McGill as the ever-present frontman, The Vagaband have taken their brand of roots...

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  • Native Harrow

    Native Harrow

    “I dug myself out from the well to make Closeness, a record about love”, professes Devin Tuel. “When I sat down to begin what would...

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  • Sarah Gillespie

    Sarah Gillespie

    Anglo-American songstress Sarah Gillespie is renowned for mixing folk, Americana & blues with her streetwise poetic lyrics. Having released 4...

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  • The Filthy Six

    The Filthy Six

    The Filthy Six are the most exciting, authentic Soul Jazz outfit in the UK today and have established themselves as one of the most electric live...

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  • The Coalminers

    The Coalminers

    With their dedication to what they like to refer to as “Swamp Soul” this brilliant 7 piece band bring the rhythm and soul of New Orleans...

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  • BJ Cole & Dave Eastoe

    BJ Cole & Dave Eastoe

    After a career in music of over 50 years in which he has explored every stylistic genre; where can BJ Cole go to find something new to say in music?...

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  • Jimmy Regal & The Royals

    Jimmy Regal & The Royals

    Straight outta South London, Jimmy Regal & The Royals are a classic 3-piece Old Skool RnB combo who combine influences from North Mississippi, New...

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  • Robin Evans ESQ

    Robin Evans ESQ

    Robin Evans is a Blues & Alt Country artist currently based in Norwich, UK. With lo-fi vocals, dirty slide, stomping beats and a splash of corpse...

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  • The Jambalaya Band

    The Jambalaya Band

    The Jambalaya Band have been making a name for themselves as the hottest Honky Tonk Band in town.  After setting up their own...

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  • Angel & The Devil Trio

    Angel & The Devil Trio

    Red Rooster music director Rupert caught Angel & The Devil Trio blowing the roof off a London Bridge railway arch in December and had to book them...

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  • The Dirty Strangers

    The Dirty Strangers

    The Dirty Strangers (Alan Clayton, Cliff Wright, Scott Mulvey & Lol Fox) are a London based Rock’N’Roll group carrying a torch for...

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  • The Future Shape Of Sound

    The Future Shape Of Sound

    The Future Shape Of Sound are a 9-piece Rock’n’Roll Gospel outfit, spear-headed by accomplished music producer Alex McGowan aka...

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  • Zak Hobbs

    Zak Hobbs

    Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from London. Zak comes from a family rooted in the same craft and tradition where he now finds himself....

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  • 4D Jones

    4D Jones

    An East Anglian institution, 4D Jones have been tearing up the Rhythm & Blues rule book for many decades and show no sign of settling down...

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  • Paul-Ronney Angel

    Paul-Ronney Angel

    Paul-Ronney Angel, the voice and songwriter from London's The Urban Voodoo Machine release his debut solo single 'One Ghost Town.  Angel: I...

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  • Kimberley Rew & Lee Cave-Berry

    Kimberley Rew & Lee Cave-Berry

    Rew is an unsung hero of British songwriting and a scintillating guitar player to boot. Forty-plus years ago he riffed and solo-ed mesmerically...

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  • OffWorld


    The Cueva Espíritu Santo in the Morazan district of El Salvador is famed for its ancient petroglyphs, but among the prehistoric cave paintings...

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  • Black Cat Bone

    Black Cat Bone

    Since the day that lucky charm was tossed aside by the ghost of Maggie McGill, swallowed by a whiskey bottle drowning in salt water and then coughed...

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  • Josh Flowers

    Josh Flowers

    Josh Flowers is a songwriter and musical collaborator living at the British seaside in Ramsgate. His debut album Mellow Drama was written and recorded...

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  • Naomi in Blue

    Naomi in Blue

    Blending sharp storytelling with experimental soundscapes, Naomi in Blue questions the constraints of genre and takes us beyond Americana to a...

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  • Big Steve Arlene

    Big Steve Arlene

    Big Steve Arlene, Norfolk based band leader, Future Radio DJ and all-round tall bloke tells a good story and always has some of the finest musicians...

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  • Danny R & Paul Gillings

    Danny R & Paul Gillings

    Paul has been playing the Harmonica since the age of 11 and in 1993 won the World Harmonica Championships in the Youth Blues/Rock category. Since...

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  • Louisa Sadler

    Louisa Sadler

    Born in Surrey but raised and living in Norfolk Louisa came relatively late in life to playing guitar, song writing and performing. Louisa writes from...

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